Plenary Presenters

Professor Jane Barlow (United Kingdom)
Parents under pressure: working innovatively to improve parent-infant interaction in parents at risk of abuse
Pasco Fearon (United Kingdom)
Integrating nature and nurture in the study of attachment and long-term socio-emotional development)

Dr Christine Anzieu-Premmereur (United States)
Are you my mother? Maternal care as the source of early psychic life and some consequences on dyadic interactions and brain development, with clinical vignettes of infant-mother psychotherapy.

Dr Karlen Lyons-Ruth (United States)
Disorganized attachment, trauma, and the neurobiology of mothering: An emerging scientific frontier.

Dr James Swain (United States)
Infants on the parental brain – coordinated brain imaging, psychological and behavioural studies.

Plenary Interfaces

Plenary Interface 1. Attachment disorder – symptoms, diagnostic evaluation, pathways from relationships to psychopathology and treatment

Presenter: Karl Heinz Brisch (Germany)
Discussant: Neil Boris (United States)
Moderator: Mark Tomlinson (South Africa)

Plenary Interface 2: Clinical evaluation of an infant in a children’s hospital; case presentation, different theoretical perspectives, options for therapy

Presenter: Franziska Schlensog-Schuster (Germany)
Discussants: Dilys Daws (United Kingdom) and Campbell Paul (Australia)
Moderator: Kai von Klitzing (Germany)